We stand by our words, but they are just that until action is taken. So in order for us to truly  Kiss The Planet we scrutinized our supply chain, from packaging to formulation to delivery, and created three pillars that ensure we as a brand do no harm – with a long-term commitment to leave the world in a better way than when we found it.


We avoid beeswax. Full stop. Nearly all lip balms use it in their formulas, but with global bee populations in decline and the  controversy  surrounding the harvesting from hives, we felt it was important to use a plant-based alternative that leaves the wax where it should be – with the bees. We use a premium vegan wax from the succulent Candelilla plant, native to North America. It’s the star of our luxury formulations.


Sustainable packaging is the key to the future and we are thrilled that ours is both 100% recyclable AND compostable. While we want each of our products to be recycled and reused, we know that some can occasionally be thrown away – that’s why we use  EcoPure   packaging. This technology allows our products to also biodegrade naturally, should they make it to landfall.


We work with the  One Tree Planted  initiative, a non-profit organization that reforests areas across the planet that need them most. They help recover areas affected by devastating wildfires, improving forest health by planting young, well-placed trees which in turn help to restore wildlife habitats.  Every time a customer purchases two or more balms – we’ll plant a tree in Indonesia, to help counter deforestation – we like to see it as going back to our roots, literally.

Kiss The Planet with us …