Try Our Wonderful Wax

While perusing our products in search of the latest addition to your ever-growing collection of natural cosmetics, you may have noticed that we use Candelilla wax in our products. This may come as a surprise, as for many years now, beeswax has been seen as the gold standard of natural skin care.

There’s no denying that beeswax is a great product but, with Bali Balm, we wanted to create a product that was suitable for everyone. That means producing a product that is suitable for vegan humans, but also a product that is suitable for our insect friends, too. We are completely committed to producing our lip balm without the need for animal-derived products, and we chose to extend this commitment to bees - because, frankly, those guys have got enough on their plate already.

The bee problem

As well as enjoying their place as “the striped, winged insect everyone can actually like”, bees also have an incredibly important role to play in the ecosystem. Bees are wonderful pollinators; without them, crops aren’t pollinated, so people can’t eat, and the world as we know it would vanish. Human life is so reliant on the natural work of bees that there have literally been movies made to warn us of their important role; ‘Bee Movie’ might not have been a cinematic triumph, but its core point is factual.

Unfortunately, the worldwide bee population is dwindling at a shocking rate. This issue has become so severe it has even earned itself a name: Colony Collapse Disorder, which is every bit as serious as it sounds. This problem is a child of many fathers, but the human impact on the environment - and particularly the use of bee-toxic pesticides - has had a huge contributing impact.

When producing Bali Balm, we considered all of these facts, and decided that there’s no need to use beeswax. Bees are busy; they don’t need extra work to meet a thirst for natural skin care products - especially when there is a fantastic vegan-friendly alternative to beeswax readily available.

The wonders of Candelilla wax

Candelilla wax is an entirely natural product. It is derived from the leaves of a shrub; the name of which is, unsurprisingly, Candelilla. The fact that the wax is entirely natural and sustainable makes it a great choice as a beeswax substitute, but is it as effective as beeswax?

In a word: yes. Candelilla wax is incredibly nutrient-rich in its own right, and is perfect for locking moisture into skin - be that the dry skin on your elbows, your chapped lips, or anywhere on your body, the Candelilla wax found in Bali Balm is more than suitable for the task. Essentially, this plant-derived wax has all of the benefits of beeswax but without the need to cause more stress to an already-very-stressed population of insects. It’s a win/win.

Candelilla wax in Bali Balm

We’re proud of our decision to utilise Candelilla wax for our balm. We take our commitment to ethical production seriously, and want to ensure that our customers can always rely on us to do the right thing. That means researching and scrutinising everything about our products and minimising our impact on the ecosystem wherever we can.

If you are looking for the perfect ethical stocking filler, seeking an addition to your personal natural skin care options, or considering options when trying to find the perfect gift for a friend, Bali Balm is the perfect choice for you.