The Perfect Valentines Gift Idea

It’s not always easy, especially for that special someone who has everything or the really tough-to-please partners. May we suggest something that’s luxurious, practical, and seductive all at the same time? It may sound simple, but a Bali Balm lip balm is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because it offers the promise of soft, kissable lips, which is just what you want on this loved-up holiday.

All-Natural Ingredients for Soft, Silky Lips

Each Bali Balm lip balm is made with all-natural ingredients that are renowned for their ability to soothe and nourish the skin. For example, coconut oil hydrates and helps lock moisture in, while castor seed oil helps to detoxify and calm irritated skin. Orange peel is packed full of antioxidants, sandalwood helps even skin tone, and mint has a cooling and plumping effect. No matter which flavour you choose, your lips will thrive with these
beneficial botanicals.

Transport Your Love to the Tropics

International travel may be out of the question this year, but your partner will get a little piece of the tropics every time they open a tube of our luscious lip balm. Our lip balms are made on the beautiful island of Bali with ingredients that grow naturally there. We worked with a professional chef to develop flavour combos that are fresh, vibrant, and scream tropical island paradise. Think Sweet Orange & Coconut or Sandalwood & Ginger. With just one swipe, your love can bask in the seductive aromas of Bali.

Hydration on the Go

Our compact tubes make it easy to replenish and rejuvenate lips even on the go. At just one and half inches long, the tubes can fit comfortably in a pocket, handbag, desk drawer, or the console of a car. In addition, the caps screw on instead of popping on and off, meaning they can bounce around without accidentally opening and making a mess. This translates to quick and easy lip hydration without any hassles.

Year-Round Nourishment

Your typical Valentine’s Day gifts like flowers and chocolates usually don’t last longer than a month, but a Bali Balm lip balm can be used all year round. During the winter months, Bali Balm can protect against cold, dry air by soothing chapped and cracked lips and adding a natural moisture barrier. In the summer, our lip balms can help cool and replenish sore, sunburnt lips. Our unique formulas will help keep lips silky smooth no matter what the season.


When you give the gift of Bali Balm, you’ll also be supporting a healthier, happier planet. Our #KissThePlanet campaign is our pledge to be 100% natural, sustainable, and cruelty-free. We only use plant-based, vegan products, so no beeswax, honey, lanolin, or any other animal-derived products. Our ingredients are also ethically sourced from local farmers and suppliers in Bali, and we ensure that we provide a living income for the people who work for us. If you’re looking for a sweet Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone, our lush lip balms are great gifts for any age and gender. We should warn you though that they’re pretty addictive, so you may want to buy an extra tube so that you can have one all for yourself.