Gift a Lip Balm

In 2019, 196.1 million lip balms were sold in the US - that works out like almost every other person! Here at Bali Balm, we love to see our products being gifted to anyone and everyone, no matter the occasion. Here are a few reasons why we think a lip balm is a perfect gift:

The average lip balm is one and a half inches long, which makes it a perfect size to take on the go! Whether it’s in your pocket, your bag, your car or your desk draw, they’re a beautifully compact size, without any hassle.

Lip balm is a helpful tool all year round. In the winter, cold, dry air can make your lips chapped, flaky, and sore and in the summer, a lack of SPF can do the exact same thing! Putting on a layer of lip balm a couple of times of day can help prevent this, and leave you with the satisfying feeling of soft lips.

There are so many gorgeous flavours to choose from. Consider gifting a Bali Balm to a loved one, and share a tasty kiss together, or keep it all to yourself!

And with Bali Balm, you’re not just kissing somebody else, you can also #KissThePlanet with us.