Fix Your Chapped Lips!

Looking for tips to fix lips that are always chapped?

If you are a regular applier of lipstick then you may have noticed that in winter your lips are chapping more? The first instinct is to often add extra moisturiser your routine, or even add a few drops of moisturiser to your lips - but don’t, as this can make the problem a lot worse.

People often assume it’s just the normal part of the winter life of your skin - barely giving a second thought to their lips - even if they are facing problems like chronic chapped lips and more. If you find your lips are chapping often, it could be a sign your lip care routine may need a little overhaul - don’t ignore the problem as it can lead to much worse symptoms.
There are several things you can do to help remove the chapping from your lips. The easiest and quickest way is to use a lip balm. Most people do not realize that there are many types of lip balms on the market - some are designed to help produce a soft, smooth, and velvety texture, while others provide more of a chemical edge that can strip and resurface. Most of them contain beeswax - which here at Bali Balm we like to avoid (let’s leave the wax with the bees).

There are many different reasons why people find their lips always chapped. In the winter the cold conditions strip away the surface moisture, and instinctively, we lick our lips, which in turn causes more evaporation and an instant drying of the lips - which creates a vicious cycle. Other reasons can include cosmetic surgery, lip fillers, laser lip surgery, lip wax and laser lip rejuvenation etc, these procedures can cause the lip skin to crack or become inflamed, and during winter, this is when chapping can set in.

Fear not for all your lip troubles, for there is one solution: Bali Balm. Our carefully curated selection of lip balms and scrubs will take care of all of your lip-related problems. Packed with naturally nourishing botanical oils and extracts, our range of balms features a chef-curated pairing of flavours to leave your lips feeling truly amazing. 

Our gourmet chef has paired complementary flavours that are a delight to the senses - think  Mango & Jasmine, Lemon & Black Pepper and of course our signature pairing: Strawberry & Basil. 

Why are my lips always dry and chapped?

You may have noticed during the cooler months that your lips are always dry and chapped. Dry lips are caused by the lack of moisture on the lip surface (no shock here) but this often occurs after a long period of cold, wet weather and the switching between heated and outdoor environments (think commuting, indoor shopping etc). The causes of dry lips are usually due to this cold weather - but a MAJOR factor is also the hydration levels within. Just like your skin, if you aren’t drinking enough water, then this can visibly show on your lip area too.

Dry lips can rarely be caused by bacterial infections (sometimes chapped lips can get infected with something called cheilitis) but other factors usually come from the stressors of everyday life; think pollution, sun exposure and even simple things like eating and drinking. If lips always chapped during the summer, it could be a sign of sun damage - as just like skin, lips can burn. The skin on the lips is incredibly thin, so it is important they are protected with a good sunscreen - especially if you live in Australia or New Zealand where UV levels can be a lot higher. 

A good way to avoid dry lips is to use a facial moisturiser that contains hydrating ingredients such as vitamins A, C, and E, then apply your lip balm of choice to lock in moisture and keep lips hydrated. Apply several times throughout the day to prevent excess drying.

A good routine is key to your lips looking healthy and hydrated - try a light, weekly exfoliation to help buff away dead skin cells and encourage fresh cell turnover. Our Pineapple Lip Scrub is an ideal addition to any routine (well, we like to think so). 

How to stop my lips from being chapped?

Well, as you know we have established that cold, drying environments during winter are the main cause of chapping, so taking care of your lips during the winter months is key. In short:

• Exfoliate weekly, to remove the dead skin cells.

• Wear an SPF, ideally in your facial moisturiser
•Apply a moisturising lip balm, several times a day .

• DON’T LICK YOUR LIPS (it makes it worse)

• Drink plenty of water

We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to fix lips that are always chapped. We know that cracked lips can be incredibly painful and often embarrassing, but as you can see there are many quick and easy ways to fix them. If you’re prone to cracked and constantly chapped lips, then why not try Bali Balm, and explore the range to see the difference our vegan, beeswax-free balms really can make.

We hope that you were able to find something that works for you after reading our blog post, but feel free to contact us anytime if you have any specific questions or queries - or would like any information on our incredible flavor pairings. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.