Bali, Indonesia


Bali… just the name alone conjures up images of soft sandy beaches, rolling surf, lush rice paddies, and exotic temples. This beautiful tropical island in Indonesia has long been a popular holiday spot for people from around the world and for good reason. The weather is pleasant, the scenery is spectacular, and the people are warm and welcoming. Plus, there are plenty of things to do from surfing to trekking, scouring art galleries, shopping, dining on world-class cuisine, and much more.


For such a small island, Bali has incredibly diverse landscapes. You’ll find beaches, cliffs, and hidden coves all along the coasts, rolling green hills and terraced rice paddies in the interior, rugged volcanoes that still occasionally emit puffs of smoke, and dense rainforests that hide rushing rivers and waterfalls. In Bali, it’s possible to surf in the morning, spend lunch amid cool mountain breezes on the slopes of a volcano, and end your day in a villa surrounded entirely by rice fields.



One of the major draws to Bali is its incredibly unique culture. The majority of Balinese people are Hindu, but Balinese Hinduism is quite different than Hinduism in India. Every day you’ll see some sort of ceremony or ritual, whether it’s making small floral offerings to the gods at mealtimes or elaborate affairs where everyone dresses in their finest traditional attire and makes their way through the streets to the temples. The arts are also very important in Bali, so you’ll find elaborate stone carvings, paintings, orchestras, and metalwork throughout the island. 


 Outdoor Activities

Being the tropical paradise that it is, Bali offers plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. With surf breaks that range from easy rides for beginners to massive barrels, Bali is renowned as one of the world’s best-surfing destinations. Snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing are also popular water sports. On land, you can go volcano trekking, white water rafting, zip-lining, horseback riding, play a round of golf, or a game of tennis.

 What to See and Do

Bali truly does have something for everyone from young children to adults, single travelers, honeymooners, and everyone in between. You can spend your day's beach hopping around the island, touring ancient temples, visiting the UNESCO World Heritage rice paddies of Jatiluwih, watching dance performances, dropping in at chocolate factories, exploring art galleries, or seeing wild animals at the Bali Zoo, Bali Bird Park, or the famous Monkey Forest. Come evening you can sip and socialize at one of the many beach clubs, sports bars, or nightclubs.


 Natural Abundance

You’ll never go hungry in Bali because the island’s diverse landscapes and rich agricultural heritage mean it’s a haven for fresh food and natural products. The fertile soil and warm climate are perfect for growing an array of enticing eats like tropical fruits, veggies, herbs, rice, and another farm-fresh fare. At Bali Balm, we pride ourselves on using vegan-friendly ingredients sourced from Bali’s natural abundance in all of our products. If you’ve never been to Bali before, we highly recommend putting this unique tropical island on your ‘must-visit’ list for when international travel is up and running again. Until then, you can experience a little piece of Bali wherever you are with one of our all-natural, beeswax-free Bali Balm lip balms available in an array of uplifting tropical flavours.