Bali Facts

Indonesia’s famous island Bali is filled with gorgeous scenery, thousands of tourists and surfing and diving areas, but did you know?:

  • Bali has black sand beaches! Mt Angug, a volcano on the island, causes the black sand from cooled lava. Don’t worry though, it’s perfectly safe, and absolutely gorgeous. When you’re next in Bali, take a picture (with your favourite Bali Balm, of course) and tag us on Instagram @balibalm.
  • On March 25th, a Hindu celebration referred to as The Day of Silence is celebrated. Also known as Nyepi, the Balinese spend the day in silence, fasting, and meditating from 6am right through to 6am the following day. Nobody is allowed out, and tourists aren’t exempt, so make sure to plan your activities accordingly!
  • The Balinese use a different calendar to us. One Bali year is equal to 210 days, and their year is split into 6 months, each month having 35 days. Bali also has only 2 seasons – the wet season which runs from October to April, and they dry season, which runs from April back round to October again.
  • Bali has a chocolate factory that is open to visitors, and all of their products are made completely from bamboo! It opened in 2011, it’s architectural structure is also made entirely of bamboo!

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